Keep going Pilgrim

The Board Game of Self-awareness and consciousness building

Playing this board game is an inspiring way
to expand your spiritual practice
and to gain insight into
the Ageless Wisdom.




Keep on moving on the path

Keep going pilgrim means: ‘Continue on Your Path’
It is a game which reflects the life of anyone who is interested in spirituality, development and consciousness.
The game is suited to everyone, from children aged 10+ to adults.
This game is particularly fun for those walking the path of light, the pilgrims on their way…
The pilgrim’s life is purposeful and filled with aspiration. The game starts with a goal as many pilgrims begin their own personal journey…
All impressions during the game can be connected with the goal, as it is in life, leading to more understanding and greater consciousness.
On his journey of development, the pilgrim will at times run into difficulties. These difficulties may be external but maybe linked to his inner attitude, his personal development and his personality.
The difficulties can create detours and at times he may feel as if he is going backwards. He may also feel he is not progressing fast enough.
Through each crisis, the pilgrim gains knowledge and understanding and he develops the needed qualities for a pilgrim waklking the path.
Seven pilgrims can play using the colours: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink and lilac.
Through these seven colours we connect ourselves with the seven rays.
We play/walk together, although each pilgrim walks on alone at his own speed, towards his individual goals with all its challenges.
One Angel is playing throughout the game. The Angel is a representative for all the Angels that walk with us every day. The Angel stays with us until the slowest player, (he could be the most advanced consciousness) achieves the highest level.

the Boardgame for 1-7 players and one angel contains:

1 game board
1 pad of paper
board game rules
1 booklet, with precious background information
7 tokens
1 angel
2 dice

……..and various categories of Virtues- and Planet-cards

Predominately hand-craftet.